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NECCG - Northeast Colorado Creation Group

The intent of the group is to: [1] present facts and theories that back up Genesis 1:1;  [2] show evidence for a literal worldwide flood; and[3] display the truth of God's Word.
NECCG organizes presentations to give information in the  subject area of creation and works to disseminate this information to anyone in the Northeast Colorado area.  These presentations are
1-hour in length with time to ask questions and spend time one-on-one with the speaker.
Our speakers come from all walks of life and will have handouts, notes, books, or other resources available or that can be purchased.  NECCG also offers a free lending library of books and DVD's for youth and adults. 
Ask a question, Contact:

About NCCG

Board of Directors

The NECCG board supports the Biblical Worldview of origins and works to educate the young and old about the truth and splendor of God's creation.

Creation Topics

Creation Topics


Major events have helped form the earth in short periods

of time


By Faith we
understand and study to be approved.
Hebrews 11; 
1 Timothy 2:15


Observable Science and
the Bible
Do Agree




The Truth of Scripture...
Genesis 1:1


...And there
was evening
and morning
day one.


He who created the heavens, he is God; he who fashioned and made the earth,

Genesis 6:17
"I am going to bring flood waters on earth"

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