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Events & Activities

NECCG Events

2024 Events

  • May 9th, Thursday-
    Marty Cochran - How Volcanoes Form
    Candy Dixon - Your Beating Heart
    Paul Feltz - How The Pawnee Buttes Formed 

Future Topics

  • Design & Building of Noah's Ark

  • Lessons from Mount St. Helens

  • Sun-Moon-Stars / Astronomy

  • Archeology That Confirms the Bible

  • The Amazing Human Body

  • The Ice Age and NE Colorado

  • Intelligent Design = Creation

  • Climate Change: Is it Biblical? 

  • The Post Flood Ice Age...Were
    there many or just one?

  • The Lake Misssoula Flood

  • One Race - One Blood

  • Catastrophic Plate Tectonics 
    (CPT) during Flood

  • One Race - One Blood

NECCG Events

This is a sampling of some or our speakers. You can view their profile and link to a presentations.. 

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