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Membership & Support

NECCG is a For-Profit organization. We do not have a 501-3c consequently any donations are not tax deductible.  Your support, however does provide for operating expenses and revenue to be able to give honorariums to speakers.


Membership in NECCG is FREE! We want all local (and non local) individuals to have access and to be able to learn and collaborate about GOD's wonderful creation. Please share with your family and friends and invite them to join.

What are the benefits of a membership with NECCG?

The membership benefits of NECCG are growing. Please give us your ideas how we can make a NECCG membership Exclusive yet Exciting and Beneficial. For now benefits include:




- Coming Soon:
Commemorative lapel pin;
Writing pen w/ logo;
Baseball cap w/ logo


Who can join NECCG? 

NECCG desires to have an impact with youth and teach them in the tenets of creation, therefore, the age requirements are set to be able to accommodate young people. Parents may sign them up with an email or include them with their email. (An email address is necessary to join)

How do I get a membership with NECCG?

Go to the membership section below and click 'Join'  You will need an email address and again, NECCG memberships are FREE!

Leave a donation (1 time $10) or any other amount.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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